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Vision - What we want to see

A thriving local community where everybody has the help and knowledge they need to live well and do good.

Mission - Our role in bringing it to life

We want to create community and citizen engagement. To do this we remain flexible and are always trying out new things. We encourage others to do the same and provide mentorship, connections, and resources as we are able.

Projects - What we do

We have a few steady programs, like the monthly litter cleanup, and are always trying new things to see what resonates in the community. Check out our projects to see what all we're up to. Let us know if you'd like to get involved or if you have an idea you want to bring to life.

Sidewalk Cleanup

We meet monthly with the crew from The Salvation Army shelter and some of their guests to clean up litter (and sometimes snow) in Decatur.

Co-work Space / Incubator

We're launching a co-work space at Prairie Avenue Christian Church on January 15, 2020. We're also organizing monthly incubator meetups to help people in the community start their own projects, whether businesses, causes, or anything else we can help with.

Events & One-off projects

We did Summer Sizzle 2018, Pride Fest 2018, and Activism Forum 2019! We've done some non-partisan get-out-the-vote canvassing, among other efforts. Always trying new things!

Community Outreach

We canvass in the city to talk to residents. We hope to identify needs in our communities and address them when we're able to.

Zero Waste

A program we have, unfortunately, neglected. We want to promote environmental stewardship, of which Zero Waste is one part. We need people to help with this effort.

The Rest

If it's not captured above, then you can look through all of our projects here.


Annual Not-For-Profit filings in Illinois

This page is not available yet.

Community Canvassing Day 1

My goal is to talk with people and learn about problems in our community, so that we may work to solve those problems. I'm a little surprised by my findings - the people I spoke with did not have near as strong opinions as I was hoping for.

Pride Fest in Decatur IL June 2018

Macon Zero organized the first LGBTQ+ Pride Fest in Decatur, Illinois in 2018 before forming a new organization to plan it going forward.

Running a Non-Profit in Illinois

Learn how to run a non-profit corporation in Illinois.

Starting a Non-Profit in Illinois

Learn how to start a nonprofit corporation in Illinois

Vote April 2, Decatur IL

Play a part in Decatur's future by voting on April 2nd. We'll be electing our Mayor, city council members, school board members, and Richland Trustees. These are the people who set policies and direct the future of our town.

Zero Waste - Where We Started

Macon Zero started on the principal of zero waste and has since developed into so much more!