Vote April 2

Play a part in Decatur's future by voting on April 2nd.
We'll be electing our Mayor, city council members, school board members, and Richland Trustees. These are the people who set policies and direct the future of our town.

Where & when do I vote?

  • Look up your polling location here: Polling Location Lookups
  • Vote on Tuesday April 2nd from 6:00AM to 7:00PM
  • Be sure to thank whomever is working the poll.

Am I registered?

Go Here to find out.
If not, you should be able to register, at your polling place, on the day of the election. (I read that somewhere previously but now cannot find the source.)

Early Voting

Early voting allows you to vote at your convenience. Visit the county building at 141 S Main St, Room 119 during the following dates & times (source):

  • March 25 - 29 8:30am - 6:00pm
  • Sat March 30 9am - noon
  • Mon April 1 8:30am - 6:00pm

The Candidates

Macon Zero asked the Mayoral and City Council Candidates some questions. Here are their responses.

Mayoral Candidates:

Questions for Mayoral Candidates

David Horn was the only candidate to provide answers to our questions.
Candidates, contact to submit your answers.

1.) Why are you running for Mayor?

  • David Horn - "I am running for Mayor because I care. As Mayor, I will focus on four priorities: neighborhood revitalization, fostering equitable relationships, environmental sustainability, and growing entrepreneurial opportunities."

2.) What is the most important thing you want to fix in Decatur?

  • David Horn - "Our population decline must come to an end and making our community more livable, vibrant, and healthy will be critical to securing our long-term future. As Mayor, I will bring a new approach to addressing our long-standing issues."

3.) What is your favorite thing in Decatur?

  • David Horn - "I love the people of Decatur. We are kind, caring, and compassionate. Working together, Decatur is a city poised for positive transformation with its best days ahead."

City Council Candidates

Macon Zero asked all of the city council candidates some questions. Here's how you can learn more about them, followed by their answers.

Questions for City Council Candidates

Only some of the candidates provided responses.
Candidates: Contact to submit your answers.

1.) Why are you running for City Council?

  • John Phillips Jr. - "I am running for city council because I am invested deeply in the community for the long haul and want the entire community to succeed."
  • Marty Watkins - "I'm running for City council because I ran in 2017, and I wanted to show the community that I have the determination and the dedication to be on the City Council. I'm also running because I have a deep concern for our community.
    I am also running because I'm engaged and committed and my goal is to serve the citizens of our community." (with minor changes to formatting & typos)
  • Shavon R. Francis - "I want to help lead the charge for change in Decatur. The culture is shifting and changing every day. Decatur needs a new generation of leadership that will help the city with progression and advancement."
  • Shelith Hansbro - "I have lived and actively worked and volunteered in this community for more than 30 years. I am offering my leadership, experience and commitment to our community and will make educated and informed decisions for us all. I am a former City of Decatur employee and currently prison warden who knows the importance and need for Community Revitalization, Economic Development, and collaborating with other entities of government and organizations."

2.) What is the most important thing you want to address in Decatur?

  • John Phillips Jr. - "The most important things are jobs and taxes, the two are very intertwined."
  • Marty Watkins - "I believe the most important thing that I want to address would be neighborhood revitalization, which also includes community safety."
  • Shavon R. Francis - "The most urgent issue that I would like to address in Decatur is community revitalization. I want to help the city manager and staff scale the the revitalization efforts to ensure that majority of the city is affected in a positive manner."
  • Shelith Hansbro - "Job growth, retention and recruitment / economic development"

3.) What is your favorite thing in Decatur?

  • John Phillips Jr. - "The diversity while still maintaining a smaller town atmosphere. We have people from a wide variety of backgrounds you do not often find outside a big city."
  • Marty Watkins - "I do a lot of volunteering in the community and I have been exposed to a lot of different things, so to say that I have a favorite thing it would probably be volunteering, helping others. We have so much too choose from, there's the Children's Musuem, Millikin University offers a lot of activity, we have the Zoo, we have the Mueller's museum, there's just so many good things in our community, again it's hard to say that I have a favorite."
  • Shavon R. Francis - "My favorite thing in Decatur is the Lake! I enjoy riding my bike around the lake, I love to dine on the Beach House patio and have the view of the lake. I'm excited to visit the Amphitheater and explore the other lake front developments as they come."
  • Shelith Hansbro - "Opportunities to collaborate with other units of government and organizations"

Learn More

Herald & Review has a lot of great information. Or you can check out the candidate's pages, linked above.

Get Involved

  • Canvass with us: contact Reed Sutman at to get involved
  • Canvass with our materials: Download the PDF brochure from here.
    • Print 2 sided.
    • Knock on doors, take to businesses, or pass out at your church or other groups
  • Print for us: Contact Reed with the information above. (we have limited resources, so it would be a great help!)
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