Community Cleanup

Litter Pickup

Our litter-cleanup is on-hold due to COVID-19

Every month, since March 2019, we hold a litter cleanup. It's a traveling show! We pick a different spot every month. Usually, one of us sees an area with a particularly large amount of litter, so we go there next. Our hope is to give care to communities who need it, and to provide a hands-on opportunity for folks to make a difference in our city.

Credit goes to Danielray for inspiring us to start this effort, and keeping us on it, from month to month. We appreciate the staff and clients of The Salvation Army Shelter, who join us each month. We appreciate other volunteers who come out from time to time as well! As of January 2020, had a rough average of 7 volunteers per cleanup day & 45 minutes per day... so about 52 hours of volunteer work!

This is made possible, in part, by the Adopt-A-Street program of Decatur's Public Works Department, who provided us with organge safety vests and gloves, lets us use litter gitters (the sticks with claws!), and provides trash bags as-needed (though we try to stick with permanent-receptacles to save plastic).


On-hold due to COVID-19

Every month, on the third Monday, from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the pickup location. 3:45 PM @ TSA for carpooling.

See the pickup location on our Facebook Page

We rarely cancel due to weather or other complications. When snow is on the ground, we bring a few shovels and clean sidewalks instead


Our cleanup location changes every month. @ 3:45PM, meet at TSA if you would like to carpoool. Otherwise, check our Facebook Page for up-to-date information and meet us there at 4:00PM.

The Salvation Army Shelter
229 W Main Street
Decatur, IL 62523