Macon Zero is a dynamic organization, focused on building community and helping people. We started out focusing on environmental efforts, then held Decatur's first Pride Fest in Central Park, and have gone on to do so much more since then. Anything you give, whether your time, money, or supplies, will help carry our mission forward. Learn more about our efforts

Donate Money

Donations we receive will be used for various things. We have annual filing fees for regulatory offices to pay first. Then we'll cover rent and supplies for our co-work space. After that we'll support new programs and efforts of others' that we believe in!

Donate using one of the following methods

  • Paypal -
  • Send money on Cash App to $MaconZero
  • Cash - Cash can be donated in person at our Cowork Space
  • Check - Mail a check to us at:
    Macon Zero
    c/o Prairie Avenue Christian Church
    2201 E. Prairie St.
    Suite 203

    Decatur, IL 62521


Our primary projects right now are the monthly littler cleanup and the cowork space. The more hands we have for monthly cleanups, the better! For the cowork space, we could use help with marketing, fundraising, and managing the cowork space (basically being there so it's open for folks).

Generally, we could use help with paperwork, project management & development, and fundraising.

We have some projects that have gone by the wayside, such as our zero-waste program, our effort to sell wholesome goods, our community canvassing, and others. These are all things we've dipped our toes in, but haven't had the hands to take off fully. If you'd like to participate, let us know.

If you have an idea of some good to do, let us know, and we may be able to host your project or otherwise guide you toward making it successful!

Donate Goods & Supplies

For the cowork space, we could use computers, arts & crafts supplies, printer paper, and coffee. You can bring donations to the Cowork Space