One-Off projects

There's quite a many things we've done once, rather enjoyed, and haven't done again! We are consistently inconsistent! This is because there's so many different good ideas and a variety of ways to help people and to help our community thrive.

To learn more, check out our events and our blog, where we have shared some details and written about some of these events.


Summer Sizzle

In June of 2018, we planned an event to raise environmental awareness. We had a turnout of about 100 people. We made smoothies, and hopefully everybody had a great time!

Pride Fest, 2018

We planned Decatur, IL's first big LGBTQIA+ Pride event. It was June 30th, we had about 200-250 people come, a great drag show, several vendors from our community, and an overall great time.

Activism Forum, 2019

We held a forum in 2019, intended to educate citizens on how to be engaged & make a meaningful difference in the world. We had quite a few volunteer organizations come, but relatively low citizen turnout. From this, sprang a connection with Danielray Pickrel, which brought us forward into our monthly sidewalk-cleanup program

Get Out the Vote, 2019

We canvassed in early 2019 to drive citizens to engage and vote in the 2019 municipal elections. Being that we are a non-profit organization, we kept it non-partisan & simply directed citizens toward other resources for further education about candidates. We probably will not repeat this effort, because it is political, and we don't want to risk our non-profit status by being unintentionally partisan.